What is Backlink & How to Create Backlinks?

What is Backlink & How to Create:– Whenever you write a post or an article, there is a thought of ranking, SEO & Traffic.


But only by doing SEO & all you can’t rank your post or site on that particular topic, you need some reference in order to be indexed on the top page of the search engine.

In this article, I’ll explain to you what a is backlink & how to create it. Without investing too much time let’s go through it.

What is Backlink?

A backlink is any link listed/ mentioned by any website (High or Low DA & PA) to another website. Simply it is the linking of a site on another site in their post, comment.

Backlinking a website helps in the ranking of the site as it gives a pathway to the search engines to reach on the site so search engine indexes the site in top order. More the backlinks the more chance of top ranking.

It doesn’t mean that just create backlinks only and your content & length are not good though you will get the top ranking. Along with the topic, length, quality of content backlinks play a vital role in ranking your post.

Backlinks are of two types:-

Do-Follow Backlinks:-

These are the links coming from any website or going to any website to which users & the search engine both follows are known as Do-Follow backlinks. These are the most powerful links & helps in ranking of site & post.

If a Do-Follow backlink is coming from a high DA site then the search engine treats the linked site as a popular site & improves the rank of a site.

Getting a Do-Follow link from the high DA website also improves the Domain score of your site.

Syntax for Do-Follow link appears as :- <a href=/”>anchor text</a>

No-Follow Backlinks:-

These are the links coming or going to a site to which the search engine ignores as a simple link & don’t follow, whereas the users follow the link. These are not so powerful as Do-Follow links but still helps in ranking.

Syntax for Do-Follow link appears as :- <a href=”http://www.lookmith.com” rel=”nofollow”>Anchor text here</a>

It is necessary to maintain the ratio of Do-Follow & No-Follow links. Keep the ratio of 8:2 (Do: No)

How to Create Backlinks?

There are many ways of creating backlinks for your site. Some are as follows:-

1By Post commenting:-

If you want to create Backlinks by this method then go on the sites having high DA/PA and read the post & comment your link in the comment section.

This will help you to create a No-Follow backlink & sometimes D0-Follow links too.

List of High DA website:-

2. Directory Submission:-

Search in google for Directory Submission & go to any of the sites & submit your domain name or site. From there you will get a Do-Follow Backlink.

Some websites are listed below:-

3. From Gov & Edu sites

Final Words:-

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